SMART Conservative Variable

With its diversified multi asset strategy, SMART Conservative Variable Fund investing not only in Turkish equities and fixed-income markets, but also in Europe, US and EM equities and fixed-income markets was launched on 27.04.2015. The fund also invests in precious metals, like gold, and foreign ETFs. Smart Conservative Balaced Fund enjoys a global diversification with wide range of assets. The fund aims to generate TL based high yield in mid to long term. To this end, the Fund may invest in TL and FX-indexed capital market instruments in both local and foreign markets.

Smart Conservative Variable Fund is suitable for investors who target above deposit returns in mid to long term.

Garanti Asset Management has agreed with BlackRock for the management of foreign assets within SMART Funds.

With the approval of Capital Markets Board of Turkey dated 02/07/2018 and numbered 12233903-305.01.01-E.7290; Garanti Asset Management First Fund of Funds has been combined in Garanti Asset Management First Variable Fund.

Fund Returns

Fund Investment Strategy

Local Corporate Shares 0% 20%
Foreign Corporate Shares 0% 20%
Public and Private Sector Debt Instruments  0% 100%
Foreign Public and Private Sector Debt Instruments 0% 30%
Reverse Repo Transactions 0% 100%
Warrants and Discounted Certificates  0% 10%
Precious Metals Traded in Local and International Markets and Capital Market Instruments Based on These Precious Metals  0% 30%
Real Estate Certificates 0% 20%
Time Deposit (TL & FX) / Participation Accounts (TL & FX)  0% 10%
Takasbank Money Market Transactions and Domestic Organized Money Market Transactions 0% 20%
Mutual Fund Participation Shares, Domestic/Foreign Exchange Traded Fund Participation Shares ,Shares of Investment Companies, Real Estate Investment Fund Participation Shares, Venture Capital Fund Shares 0% 20%
Mortgage Based/Guaranteed by Mortgage Securities 0% 20%
Lease Certificates 0% 20%
Asset Backed Securities 0% 20%
Asset Guaranteed Securities 0% 20%
Revenue Sharing Certificates 0% 20%
Revenue Indexed Securities 0% 20%
Precious Metals Borrowing Certificate 0% 20%


Threshold Value: O/N TL reference compound interest rate.

Trading Hours

Buy orders placed between 09.00-13:30 on a trading day (T), will be executed on the next trading day (T+1) at the price in effect on (T+1).

Sell orders placed between 09.00-13:30 on a trading day (T), will be executed 2 trading days after the order date (T+2) at the price in effect on (T+1).


Fund Information - 27.11.2020

Risk Level 3
Net Asset Value 2.169.346.339 TL
Fund Unit Price
2,208338 TL
Fund Management Fee (Annual) 1,50 %
Launch Date 27.04.2015

Price & Return Graph

Fund Performance (%)

Criteria1 Week1 Month3 Months6 MonthsYTD1 Year3 YearsSince Inception
Performance (%)0,512,315,508,7614,7017,1664,06120,83