Discretionary Portfolio Management

Changing Needs of Investment & Discretionary Portfolio Management

Economic developments and emerging opportunities in the global markets and our country have increased the need for specialized agencies to access investment opportunities by accessing information in the fastest way and taking appropriate action.

Portfolio management companies that have sustainable business processes and investment philosophy stand out with their performance in this new period.

At this point, the concept of discretionary portfolio management is of great importance.

With this in mind, Garanti Asset Management offers discretionary portfolio management service that meets the investment needs of institutions and upper income group individuals.

Talior Made Portfolio Management
  • Tailor made portfolio management which is specifically designed for customers'risk & return expectations
  • Portfolio creation according to risk perception of the investor and benchmark.
Specialized Investment Team
  • Specialized investment team with strong expertise in capital markets
  • Inhouse research department
Performance Oriented
  • Access to a wide range of asset classes, risk awareness
  • Increasing performance with close monitoring of the markets and fast adaptation of investment strategies to changing market conditions.
Risk Management and Internal Control
  • Efficient risk management mechanisms
  • Efficient internal control systems
Benchmark / Threshold Value
  • Criteria that shows the targeted retun by the investor at the end of portfolio management period.
  • Time Deposit Rate (TL, Foreign Currency) /BIST-KYD 365 Bond Index/ BIST 30 Index etc.
Investment Intervals
  • Wide product range
  • Portfolio management according to risk perception of the investor and investment intervals.