Turkey's Best Multiple Asset Funds - SMART Funds

8 June 2017

SMART Funds have been selected as "Best Multiple Asset Funds in Turkey".

SMART Funds won Turkey's Best Multi Asset Funds award for the year 2017 by the Global Banking and Finance Review.

We are proud to share with you this award, which we regard as the end result of Garanti Asset Management's sustainable performance and innovative approach to fund management.

SMART Funds do not invest only in Turkish equity and bond markets. With its diversified asset investment strateg; it also allows investors to invest in a wide range of assets, including equity and bond markets, foreign exchange mutual funds, gold and other precious metals in Europe, United States and Emerging Markets.

SMART Fund options offered by Garanti Asset Management include Garanti Asset Management First Variable Fund (SMART Conservative Variable Fund), Garanti Asset Maangement Second Variable Fund (SMART Moderate Variable Fund) and Garanti Asset Management Third Variable Fund (SMART Growth Variable Fund). According to risk and return expectations, investors can choose the most appropriate one from the 3 SMART Fund options.

The SMART Conservative Variable Fund, which has been attracting a great deal of attention from investors, has been announced by TEFAS (www.tefas.gov.tr) dated 18.05.2017 that, it ranks 1st in the volume of transactions on the basis of funds in 2017 and is the biggest variable fund of Turkey with a total size of 877 million Turkish Liras.